mg_24431“Before I started working with Amy, I was struggling with losing weight. For the past decade, I couldn’t seem to get rid of my belly fat. Even if I managed to lose some weight, it would come right back. I had tried every diet and every trick out there. I am also very active and had practically given up on working out because it never made a difference. I felt like a slave to food. Food and diet pre-occupied my mind.

Since Amy started working with me, I have far more control than I imagined over my food intake. Even more surprising, I realized I could actually eat more than I was allowing myself. My favorite part about it is that I don’t starve myself anymore, I don’t work out more than I used to, and food is now a non-issue.

By implementing the lessons Amy taught me, I have lost 8 lbs and have successfully kept it off. My belly looks a lot flatter and my clothes fit so much better.

The changes and results Amy helped me create have given me freedom and more energy in my business as well. I actually feel more energetic so I can network more and follow up with prospects! I’d felt stuck for a while in my business and had no idea this tied into it. Losing weight also improved my family life. This past weekend, I attended a family function; usually, at these things, I am pre-occupied with what I will eat, how much, and if I will indulge in dessert. But this time, I didn’t. I actually enjoyed myself! I was too busy having fun that I forgot about dessert altogether.

Amy has a special way about her that kinda gets into your mind unexpectedly…in a good way that lasts and it feels like your relationship with food is one you chose, not one that’s the product of someone else telling you what to do.”

Jen Castaneda, Singles Coach for Women


unnamed (3)“Before I met Amy, I was struggling with losing weight; even when I would lose weight, more would come back on each time I tried the next “new” diet. I became convinced exercise was the only way to keep it off and gave up on diets altogether. I would try to exercise like a crazy person but, realistically, I just don’t have the time to with work and trying to have a normal social life. And then Amy taught me that working out is only small percentage of losing weight and isn’t the main factor.

Since Amy started working with me, I have found that the way I eat and what I decide to eat makes a huge difference on my results. I used to always rush to throw food down my throat so I could get back to work. Due to this bad habit, I would end up overeating or making poor decisions because I was perpetually going from one thing to the next. Amy taught me that having the right snacks helps me from really reaching the “Hangry Phase aka Hungry/Anger” stage. I learned to not eat in front of a TV or computer and to slow down so I could really savor the food.

My skin is looking more vibrant and healthier. My body, overall, used to feel kind of crummy and lethargic, whereas now I have more energy and I sleep more soundlessly through the night. I had a lot of stomach issues that I thought would never go away but, due to changing the way I eat, I haven’t had as many issues. Clothes are fitting better and the way I approach life and everyday situations has changed for the better.

Amy has the ability to truly grasp the inner workings of your life and coach you to being human. I know that is a weird thing to say but I have seen people going crazy over diets and don’t fully enjoy life because of that. Amy is your personal cheerleader and says it’s okay to get off track but let’s go a little deeper to why you went off track. Because of that thought process, I have learned a lot about myself. She also tries to help you get back on track with altering the way you’re doing things so it’s conducive to your lifestyle. I’ve seen dietitians previously and they never went this in-depth to get to know my inner clock works or even take the time to ask.”

– Katie Mulligan, Event Planner

“Before working with Amy, I was very confused about all of the different options for a healthy lifestyle. Amy asked all the right questions about my health, diet and fitness goals before creating an amazing plan that has made a huge difference! My energy levels are higher enabling me to keep up with my busy schedule as well as training for my first half-marathon. Amy’s approach of introducing small changes as not to overwhelm was perfect. Anyone looking to improve their quality of life will benefit from Amy’s gentle yet extremely knowledgeable guidance.”

Lisa Smith Wagner
Senior Director of Community Relations
Sunrise Senior Living

My journey began with trying to shed some pounds I had gradually gained over the past few years.  Traditional dieting of calorie counting made me feel tired and deprived of many of the foods I love. After carefully analyzing my eating habits, Amy offered many practical suggestions for change.  Amy helped me understand the emotional component of my eating.  She explained how to make minor adjustments to my eating regime like when to consume calories during a day, how to make healthy food substitutes and how to make the ritual of eating an enjoyable experience.  Amy has a wealth of knowledge and shares all she knows willingly.

With Amy’s help I redefined my weight loss goals to be more wellness focused.  I feel more energetic and am happier knowing my new, more mindful way of eating is much healthier.