My Story

My name is Amy (Lamm) Larson. I am a Mind Body Eating Coach dedicated to encouraging women like you to pursue a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that supports digestive and metabolic health.

My path to becoming a Mind Body Eating Coach began when my two daughters were school-aged. I observed, at close watch, many young girls who were highly conscious of their weight. It was alarming. Children were too focused on weight and appearance to pursue interests or have FUN. At this time, I found myself becoming more focused on my own weight and appearance – obsessing over food, comparing myself to others, and becoming more and more critical of myself. I was not in a good emotional or physical state…

The combination of my own struggles and our toxic diet culture took its toll on my relationships with my daughters. They, too, became increasingly body and weight conscious. When I began to feel self-loathing and disconnected from my kids, I knew something I had to change. I began taking small steps to help myself. My energy and mental state improved and I knew I had to help others with similar challenges around eating and body image.

In 2012 I took the next step toward health and wellness and completed a comprehensive health counseling training program from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in New York, NY. During my certification training, I gained cutting-edge tools and learned protocols that enable me to work with weight issues, body image challenges, binge eating and a variety of nutrition-related health concerns such as digestion, fatigue and immunity.

I continued my education through the Institute for the Psychology of Eating’s (IPE) Mind Body Eating Coaching program. This training expanded my knowledge of nutritional science and eating psychology giving me a greater ability to help clients create new eating patterns and positive mindset to feel better about their health and body.

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I am thrilled to offer a unique approach to feeling good in your own skin! Like you, I have struggled in the past to feel good as an eater and as a person with a body. My practice of wellness counseling addresses a wide range of eating-related challenges, including weight release, body image, emotional and binge eating, as well as digestive issues.

Together, we will explore the cultural and personal influences that contribute to these issues. I don’t see your eating challenges simply as a sign that “something is wrong with you”, but as an opportunity to more fully explore some of the personal dimensions in life that impact food choices, weight and overall health. Awareness is the first step in feeling good! We will develop individualized eating and good related strategies and incorporate other health related aspects that support a positive path to increased well being.

My focus on mindful eating and drinking, including the development of healthier habits and food planning, is key to wiring the brain and the body for optimal digestion and metabolism. Many of us rush through our meals or constantly “graze” without any thought to the process and this alone can cause digestive issues and weight gain.

Work with me to develop a personal plan to make your experience of food and eating on that supports good health and feeling great!

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