Too Much Information!

We are constantly bombarded with information about food, nutrition, and weight loss. The volume is too much to absorb and ultimately, not necessarily helpful in achieving a life of wellbeing. There’s just SO MUCH info out there – it’s a “high fact” diet, for sure! (attributed to Marc David, founder of The Institute for the Psychology of Eating)

Many sources provide us with info about foods and dietary systems. This can be confusing and overwhelming because each of us is an individual, which means that works for one person often doesn’t work for another. Think about how many people have written books or articles about what has worked for them….so many possible ways to eat for health and weight loss! Brain overload!

Some people adhere to a dietary system, such as vegetarianism, for ethical reasons. Some know that certain foods don’t make them feel well physically. And many of us know we have “trigger” foods that can make us overeat. My trigger foods are salty chips and dips! It’s great that many of us have figured out what foods we will choose from – that can make the business of eating simpler. Personally, I am a fan of eating a wide variety of food. It’s easier to get proper nutrition and avoid boredom by having a relatively broad range of choices.

Here are four ways to free yourself of TMI and enhance your relationship with food.

Mindfully consider your food repertoire. Eat foods that appeal to you – consider taste and texture. Remember there are no bad foods (unless you have specific allergies or health conditions), so give yourself permission to eat both favorite healthy foods AND some fun ones too. When you’re truly eating from a place of enjoyment, you will naturally be satisfied with smaller amounts of the not-as-healthy foods.

Decide what’s reasonable to buy and prepare and eat those foods. Think about your schedule and location when choosing food. When will you be close to your preferred grocery store? Create a schedule around when you have more time to prepare food and the times you need to grab something quick from the fridge. Having a basic food plan that works for you eliminates much of the stress of being an eater!

Expand your knowledge of food prep – Google some favorite healthy foods and see what you find. You will likely discover some great new ways to prepare and eat foods and will likely enjoy them more.

Schedule in times when you will leave your guilt at home while eating out. Are there days or times each week when you could conveniently grab a favorite dish or snack at a restaurant? If you travel for work or transport kids to activities, you can enjoy time at a café with internet, but it’s best to actually do the eating part distraction-free!

Spend a little time pondering YOUR palette – not the diet book authors – and I promise your pleasure around food will increase, creating better digestion and weight loss.