3 Tips to Lose Weight Without Altering What You Eat or Drink

IMG_0563 copySummer is soon! That means warmer weather and lighter clothes. If you’re feeling consumed with the sudden desire to lose weight, I get it! These three ways to lose weight without altering what you eat or drink helped me and my clients:

Tip #1: SLOW DOWN.

Most of us are fast eaters. Slowing down the eating process connects you to your food and enhances digestion and metabolism. You also become more aware of how we feel physically while eating. This level of awareness will likely help you gravitate toward more nutrient-dense food.

Tip #2: PLAN.

My second suggestion is to set aside a time to eat and drink. Many of us eat on the run, while standing up, or while driving! Planning when and where you eat is important. Doing so draws your full attention to the eating experience (even if it’s just 5 minutes) and it tells your brain that you are relaxed so you can savor the food. This is powerful if you’d like to optimize your metabolism.


Creating a calm, visually pleasing (or at least visually neutral) space while eating works wonders in the brain. Create a calmer environment by moving papers and clutter away from your eating spot. Hold off on checking devices or talking on the phone for that brief mealtime. To quote author Mark David, “We need to slow down and enjoy (our food) and then we’ll get the results we’ve been looking for – and sooner than we expect.”

Enjoy your food and the great weather ahead! If I can ever support your health goals, click here to contact me.