Enjoy What You Eat – No Regrets

My clothes are feeling tight lately and I hate it. A small bulge has appeared over the waist of my jeans—not comfortable! That said, I wouldn’t trade the events of the past few months or the delicious food and drink that I consumed for anything!

My daughter’s college graduation, an annual long weekend with my two best friends from high school, and a 25th anniversary trip with my husband to the Pacific Northwest gave me many special opportunities to eat for enjoyment and try new foods. Unfortunately, when you eat muffin tops, you get a muffin top.

Growing up, I was fortunate to have a mother who provided nutritious food and an environment that wasn’t toxic to a healthy body image; despite all that, our culture sure did a number on me and I’m sure you can relate to that experience. I believe that our current problem with high obesity rates is partially due to the self-hate that so many of us take on.

When we compare ourselves to what the media considers to be ‘beautiful’, it causes stress; and STRESS, as it relates to a healthy weight, is detrimental! The only way I have found to manage the societal pressure to “look a certain way” is to be mindful that I HAVE to eat for nourishment. So, I should enjoy doing it every day.

So when my clothes start feeling a bit too snug, I remind myself that it is a marker of happy celebrations and the highlights of my life. Delicious food is an important part of that.

So when your jeans feel tight, reach in the closet for a more comfortable outfit!

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